The Quality

The Bocca d'olio extra virgin olive oil is obtained from "cultivar olives ", named OLIAROLA, LECCINO and FRANTOIO, that arise in our own plots of land, that are hand-picked and undergo natural transformation processes in strict compliance with the healthiest local traditions. Our varieties are from the indigenous varieties of the land of Salento, from which we get a extra virgin olive oil perfectly balanced, with a gentle, fruity taste, ready to be offered and savored by the connoisseurs of gastronomic culture. Our olives are picked by hand in the time of veraison (the period in which the olive fruit begins to change color) and cold-pressed in the same day of harvesting. Our company selects a dainty and medium fruity oil, that is ,under an organoleptic point of view, ideal for any culinary combination and particularly suitable for feeding children in growth phase.

Bocca D'Olio has always protected the Olive Oil and its Land and has placed emphasis on the degree of ripeness of the olives, the collection system, the time between harvesting and processing, the warehousing methodology, the pressing, the filtration, the storage and the final packaging, which are all factors that can affect the quality that we bring on your tables.

The company also adheres to the "Campagna Amica" initiative, which encourages the dissemination and the oil consumption at km 0: our extravirgin oil has not traveled miles and miles, before reaching the final consumer. "Our company at km 0" is exclusively selling from producer to consumer, ensuring a genuine product and local and Italian backgrounds.



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