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A quality oil must be free from contamination, stable to oxidation and have remarkable nutritional characteristics. We can achieve this result following these simple steps:

  • A biological pest control to obtain healthy Olives
  • Fixed use of organic fertilizers
  • Favourable environmental conditions. The southern regions bordering the sea and the Salento peninsula are ideal places for the cultivation of olives
  • Harvesting at the right degree of ripeness
  • Milling of olives immediately after harvesting
  • Low temperatures during the processing, possibly without adding water
  • Cleanliness of the premises and equipment
  • Adoption of strict and rigid systems of control of the different stages of processing
  • Product traceability product traceability.
    The production of a good extra virgin olive oil is not something simple, requires knowledge of the best production techniques, respect for the environment and love for one of the oldest plants that mankind knows. The quality of our oil is the result of physical and chemical analysis, intended to ensure the real composition in glycerides, fatty acids, polyphenols. Finally, remember that a true quality oil as Bocca D'olio, will always be outstanding; for this reason, you may have, depending on the years, some characteristics that confirm its genuine character.


Following we give you some suggestions for purchasing a high quality olive oil.
First of all ,read well and carefully the labels, even though this may not be enough. It is known that many oils on supermarket shelves (and not only) are blended with lower quality oils (refined with chemical solvents) or with oils from foreign countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Spain etc.), but presented as Italian quality oils.

You can find cheap extravirgin olive oil in large shopping centres (€ 3,00 or € 4,00 per litre) and this should make you think.

The real extravirgin quality oil has a cost of production at least € 5.00 around, considering all the steps to obtain it. The real extravirgin quality has a price compatible with the high costs of production and marketing.

Although initially the quality oil will cost slightly high, you will save afterwards, because thanks to its properties (viscosity, smell, intensity), it could embellish your best dishes and then it will ensure you and your loved ones health and physical well-being.

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